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Caractéristiques du livre :
- Auteur: Eberhard Schunck, Hans Jochen Oster, Rainer Barthel
- Editeur: Birkhauser
- Date de parution: 14 Septembre 2005
- Format: Relié
- Dimensions: 23 cm x 30 cm x 3 cm
- Nombre de pages:
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Book Description

The "Roof Construction Manual" with over 1800 plans and 220 photographs is a vital reference work on the construction of pitched roofs. It offers extensive and fundamental information on all common types of roofing, and provides practical details for their construction. The volume is divided according to the type of roof elements and the jointing techniques. thirteen kinds of roofs and the relevant materials including thatch, wood, slate, tile, concrete, fibrous cement, bitumen, glass, metal, membranes, and synthetic materials are documented. Also described in detail are essential topics such as ventilation, the vapour and wind seals, insulation and water drainage, and the topics of renovation and energy conservation are examined. As with all the Construction Manuals, built examples illustrate the theoretical details. Some 38 examples which include 11 classic buildings and 27 buildings from the last 5 years show the construction of roofs paying particular attention to important features such as the ridge, hip, eaves, roof valley, verge, and penetration. A compact presentation of the load-bearing structures and the physics necessary for roof construction in addition to the current norms and standards make this volume as indispensable standard work for all architects and engineers.

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