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- Auteur:
- Editeur: Te Neues Publishing Company
- Date de parution: 1er Septembre 2004
- Format: Broché
- Dimensions: 14 cm x 19 cm x 3 cm
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Book Description

In recent years, Sydney has undergone a breathtaking expansion that has transformed it into one of the most prosperous and diverse cities in the world. The contrast between its huge skyscrapers and peaceful natural parks, to some extent legacies of Australia’s European heritage and its Aboriginal traditions respectively, has given it a unique style. The natural beauty of Sydney’s large bay, often considered the most beautiful in the world, is the spectacular backdrop for a city with a population drawn from over 100 different countries. This book takes the reader on a fascinating tour of Sydney’s domestic architecture, which revels in rich contrasts and a surprising mixture of styles. Photographs, floor plans, and diagrams, all of which are accompanied by concise yet detailed explanatory text, display the youthful spirit and innovative creations of Sydney’s most prestigious architects and designers. Here is a book that is sure to become an invaluable reference for the latest design trends.

Publisher comments

* Fascinating illustrated tour of the rich contrasts and mixture of styles evident in Sydney, Australia’s domestic architecture
* Includes 400 color photographs, floor plans, and diagrams accompanied by brief explanatory captions
* Attractively designed at an affordable price

About the author

Alejandro Bahamon was born in Colombia in 1972. After working as an editor, architect, and photographer, he moved to Spain to study at the Universidad Politecnica de Cataluna. He is now an architect based in Barcelona and has been a contributing editor for several architecture and design publications.

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