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Caractéristiques du livre :
- Auteur: Helmut Schulitz, Werner Sobek, Karl J. Habermann
- Editeur: Princeton Architectural Press
- Date de parution: 14 Septembre 2005
- Format: Relié
- Dimensions: 24 cm x 30 cm x 3 cm
- Nombre de pages:
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Book Description

Steel is one of the most versatile materials available in the construction industry and its many applications have enabled architects and engineers to go far beyond what was once considered possible. The second volume in this new series documents all aspects of steel as a construction material. Just like the Glass Construction Manual, this volume first looks at the historical development of building with steel. This is followed by several chapters which examine to a high degree of technical detail the physical properties of the material, the principles of construction using steel and the wide spectrum of the use of steel elements. The final chapter presents 54 examples which illustrate the many applications of steel in construction from simple halls to complex multistorey buildings. These examples were selected because of their innovative use of steel, demonstrating its great potential for minimising the necessary materials and montage. For ease of comparison all the plans have been drawn to the same scale. The volume concludes with an extensive bibliography and a listing of the relevant norms and regulations, making this work an indispensable reference for all architects and engineers.

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