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Caractéristiques du livre :
- Auteur:
- Editeur: Te Neues Publishing Company
- Date de parution: 1er Septembre 2004
- Format: Broché
- Dimensions: 13 cm x 19 cm x 3 cm
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Book Description

San Francisco has long been one of America’s landmark cities, a gleaming jewel of the West Coast surrounded on three sides by water, well known for its hilly streets, Victorian residences, and a free spiritness that made it the home of the Beat Generation, flower power, and gay pride. But over time, this "storybook city of spires and minarets" has also made a name for itself in the world of architecture and design. Victorian architecture gradually gave way to Art Deco and was followed by a modern movement that today favors a mixture of both minimalist and more decorative styles. This elegant, lavishly illustrated book takes the reader on an exciting tour through the latest in San Francisco’s residential design and uncovers yet another dynamic facit of this unique North American city.

Publisher comments

* 400 colors photographs
* Elegant, lavishly illustrated tour through the latest residential design trends in one of America’s landmark cities
* Perfect compliment to Los Angeles Houses (3-8238-5594-8) and Tokyo Houses (3-8238-5573-5)
* Attractively designed at an affordable price

About the author

Ana Cristina Canizares was born in Cuba and now lives in Barcelona, Spain where she works as an editor for Loft Publications. Before moving to Barcelona she studied Journalism and Communications in London.

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