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- Editeur: Te Neues Publishing Company
- Date de parution: 1er Septembre 2004
- Format: Broché
- Dimensions: 15 cm x 17 cm x 3 cm
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Book Description

The swimming pool has become increasingly important in residential design as architects use natural elements like water and light to create houses that are integrated into the landscape. Packed with over 400 full color photographs of stunningly designed, magnificently landscaped swimming pools throughout the United States and the Mediterranean, this book provides an overview of the latest in pool design. The book presents examples of re-designed pools as well as those highlighting the latest generation of uniquely shaped and constructed pools.

Publisher comments

· An illustrated overview of swimming pool design and re-design.
· Includes over 400 color photos of magnificently landscaped pools throughout the United States and the Mediterranean.

About the author

Haike Falkenberg graduated with a degree in Cultural Studies from the University of Munster in Germany. She is currently employed by Loft Publications in Barcelona and has edited several books on architecture and interior design.

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