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La boutique Techno-Science


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Washing capacity: 0.8KG Washing(Standard Edition, No UV disinfection function)
It can wash 2 pieces Adult short sleeved, or 1 set of baby pajamas, or 6pcs underwear, or 1 pair of jeans.

Durable, A integrated silicon material, over 6000 fold deformation, to ensure the durability of the product.

60? high temperature soak without touching the top 60 degrees hot water can be used for washing

Energy conservation and environmental protection province water electricity
Appropriate water less efficient motor province electricity capacityEach washing power only 0.005 degrees Fahrenheit (10 minutes) each washing water is only 1/20 of the normal water washing machine

Minimalist design waterproof touch
Just touch switch button, can choose the washing time; Because of the different clothing material, specially designed for 5, 10, 15 minutes three washing time, used for on-demand choice, ensure the safety and reliability of using waterproof button design.

Powerful suction cups at the bottom of the corners of security and stability
At the bottom of each corner designed a powerful suction cups, runtime stable adsorption, side gently pull can conveniently.

Card button drainage design
Meet the demand of multiple USES, drainage, simply open card buckle, stage basin, the water in the bathroom, even if the hotels are not worried about (L’about est un terme de charpenterie désignant l’extrémité façonnée d’une pièce de bois.) not washing your clothes

model: XPB08-F1
Nominal capacity: 0.8KG
Rated voltage: 220-/ 50HZ
Rated power: 40W


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